Our Vision

At Grace Baptist Church, our vision is to share the good news of Christ's death and resurrection with thousands of unchurched friends and people in the area, many of whom will accept Him as Savior and Lord.

We see the development of all our people into fully functioning followers of Christ through Sunday School, Worship Services, special activities, and most importantly, one-on-one interaction.

We see ourselves becoming a church of family-oriented people who model Biblical Christianity. We see church as a safe place where we accept one another and are accepted, love and are loved, forgive and are forgiven, serve and are served.

We see ourselves helping people, both youth and adults, to discover their divine purpose, and start, as well as strengthen, their relationship with Christ. Our desire is to equip believers as they serve Christ, both inside and outside the church. Our goal is that every believer be a fully functioning follower of Christ.

We see ourselves welcoming numerous members who are excited about Christ into our body of believers, experiencing Christ at work in our lives, our family relationships, our marriages and our friendships.

Our goal is to recruit, train, and send out our members as missionaries, church planters, and church workers, at home and all over the world.